CSM Seal

Certified ScrumMasters (CSM)
Helping agile teams develop and ship software that delights customers 

As Certified ScrumMasters (CSM), we do everything possible to help teams perform at their best: removing impediments, facilitating Scrum, and working with product owners to keep the backlog groomed / ready for each sprint.

Plan Sprints 
Prioritize user stories and bugs, and assign them to Sprints in batches. Control velocity and move things around rapidly.

Run Scrum
Quickly iterate through the whole Sprint and get instant answers to the typical questions like: "What impediments are slowing us down?" and "How should we break down the tasks for these User Stories?" and "What stories/tasks should I focus on today?"  

Agile Coaching 
As seasoned agile evangelists, we help engineering teams learn and adopt the agile philosophy throughout their organizations. 

Partnering with the Business 
The ScrumMaster strives to create a balance with product owners to ensure the team does not over-commit on what they can achieve in a sprint. The ScrumMaster is an advocate for the team, resisting pressure from overly aggressive product owners, and at the same time protecting the team from complacency.

Track Sprints 
Track progress via the Sprint Burndown chart, monitoring and optimizing cross-functional collaboration.

Handle Impediments
Have an impediment? Add the impediment to the sprint planning backlog, and make sure to document that the user story is blocked.

Servant Leadership:
A ScrumMaster's primary role is to help the team follow Scrum best practices, reminding the team of their chosen goals and supporting them in meeting their commitments for each sprint.