Building what matters..

Vertopia Software consults with technology companies to provide customer insights and market perspectives on what to build, helping clients develop web and SaaS products with the customer in mind.

Release and Sprint Planning:
Involving customers, users and other stakeholders.

Managing Scrum:
Helping agile teams plan, manage and ship working software that delights customers.  

Product Launch Strategy:
Ensuring that Go-to-Market campaigns align with clients' goals / market needs.

Scrum Framework:
Scrum is the most popular, iterative, agile framework in software development. 

Lean Market Validation:
We guide clients through the Lean Start-up / Customer Development process in order to:
  • Discover the right target customers to design for,
  • Run product increment experiments,
  • Use customer insights for product refinements,
  • Pilot minimal increments to validate markets,
  • Build relationships to create profitable customer segments.
The Customer Development approach enables start-ups to scale their companies and achieve their business goals.

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